Ireland has a long and proud history of producing world-class boxers.One of the oldest, and most celebrated sports in the world, boxing, occupies a special space in combat sports.In fact the ancient Greeks believed fist fighting was one of the games played by the gods on Olympus.

The beginners boxing class at SBG is perfect for women and men of all ages and fitness levels. A boxing workout stimulates all muscle groups so it is a great way to get fit while learning some slick skills while also working on coordination and balance.

After a stressful day the focus required to hit pads or the relief gained from thumping a bag can be a great way to unwind.

As with every class we will being with a quick warm-up and some mobility exercises to get loose and ready. Beginners will work on fundamental boxing techniques such as stance, footwork and punching using pads and bags under the direction of one of our highly skilled coaches. We will end with a nice stretch session to unwind and have you healthy to train again tomorrow.

Following mastery of the fundamental techniques you may choose to progress to the intermediate class with an emphasis on fight simulation and sparring.